CMF’s own Vikas got to chat with Writer/Director/Actor and now Show Runner Adam Green about his new show HOLLISTON which premiered on April 3rd on FEARnet. He had some great things to say about his show, cow poop, life after college, his relationship with Oderus Urungus, illegal downloading, and advice for young filmmakers. Take a listen and let us know if you’ve seen the show and what you thought!

*Heads up - It’s an audio only interview, and because he had so much great stuff to say we didn’t cut it short. It’s worth the length though! (that’s what she said.)


We just heard about this new show on FEARnet called Holliston which is interesting on a few levels.

1. FEARnet’s first original scripted program. (Starts April 3, 2012)
2. Created by and starring the filmmakers behind Hatchet, Frozen, and Wrong Turn2.
3. Dee Snider and GWAR front thing in major supporting roles, plus cameos by lots of other horror icons. See?

It’s a sitcom described as “Big Bang Theory meets Evil Dead 2.” I wonder why it’s not Big Bang Theory meets the first Evil Dead… Anyway, we’re going to chat with Adam Green and find out more about the show. Let us know if you have any questions for him about Holliston or any of his other work!