Up IRL of the Day: The house in Utah modeled after Carl Fredricksen’s home in Pixar’s Up recently sold for a respectable $400,000.

But residents of the Salt Lake City suburb where the house is situated say its new owner must abide by the same homeowners association rules as everyone else, and repaint the exterior.

“When we originally bought here, we were told that all the houses had to abide by certain paint colors on the outside,” said neighbor Josh Bohrn. “We expect it to be painted an earth-tone color similar to the other houses in the neighborhood.”

In typical Pixar movie villain fashion, Bohrn said he wanted the “Up house” to blend in more with the ones others around it.

The unit’s builder, Blair Bangerter, said he was aware of the rules, and the initial approval to paint a light pastel facade “Was conditional.” He did not elaborate.

Not all Herriman dwellers agree with Bohrn, however. “We like it how it is,” said Nicole Marsh, who lives across the street. “It’s unique and brings people to the area.”

Clint Hamblin, who purchased the house last month, said he hopes the homeowners association will let him keep the exterior as-is, but added that he would avoid “ruffling feathers” if forced to make the change.

Sounds to me like someone is about to go on a magical balloon ride to Paradise Falls, South America. 

[deseretnews / image: sltrib / thanks rubin!]

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