Man on Wire

Pretty much the most amazing lighthearted anti-authoritarian documentary piece out there. Adjectives FTW.


Simply stunning. Look at all the rewards! 


Trailer Talk - The Silent House (2011)

Evan: This trailer wasn’t really that frightening, but I’m definitely interested in seeing this film just for the novelty of an entire horror movie in one continuous shot. It did evoke some shades of “Blair Witch Project” and “Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” so they could be heading in the right direction. If pulled off, it could be an incredibly intense experience. Hope to see it with a midnight crowd. Trailer: B- Movie: B+

Jess: I’m a sucker for one-shot movies, and with a scary movie it’ll be interesting to see how the actress does. I’m also a wuss when it comes to scary movies, and you throw a creepy looking little girl in the corner I’m going to scream. I thought the trailer was ok, but the hook for me is that it’s a one shot movie.

JR: I love a trailer where you know what you’re getting from the logo that appears at the beginning. I love horror, and seeing films from countries I’ve never seen films from before, both of which this movie boasts. A film in one continuous shot is extremely difficult to pull off, but if done right, it creates an absolutely amazing effect. A great slogan like “Real fear, in real time” gets me every time. This movie may be gimmicky, but it looks like a gimmick I can completely buy into. I absolutely can’t wait.

Megan: Oh wow! This was shot all in one takzzZZzzz. Scary movie is a scary movie is a scary movie. It’ll be good for cheap thrills I’m sure!


Trailer Talk - True Legend (May 2011)

JR: One: Isn’t David Carradine dead? Two: If so how did he make this movie? Three: If not, I’m glad he came back to life to make it. Yeah!

Ramsey: The martial arts look great in this movie along with the special effects, but I am afraid this will fall flat on the story. This has been a problem with martial arts films as of late. They bog themselves down with special effects but aren’t able to deliver a complete film. This movie has already received mixed reviews, and there is only been praised for past films and how this film looks….I am afraid this film will fall short.

Megan: I might see this if I’m at a dude bro’s house and it happens to be on. RIP David Carradine, you old weirdo.

Jess: That first shot is crazy, also a little creepy looking. From the makers of all those different movies it sets the bar high for some stellar martial arts / special effects action. I’d say trailer does it’s job. I’ll see the movie.