Trailer Talk - Stake Land (April 2011)

Evan: A long trailer done very well until the very end, when it kind of just devolved into standard fare. The music really set a nice increasingly creepy mood. Kudos to them for trying something different in the trailer game.

Jess: Looks like a really intriguing short film until we reach the end were the titles came off very “B-movie” esque.

Ramsey: Was this a PSA about texting and driving? This trailer pretty much sums up the entire movie…Boy and girl driving, girl tells boy she is pregnant, boy gets in car crash, and then crazy people come out of the woods.

JR: This trailer is kind of boring in the beginning. I know it’s supposed to be creepy and all that, and I’m waiting for something to jump out at me the whole time, but what jumps out is just a bunch of broken glass. I’m really the type of person who jumps at almost all loud noises, but I honestly didn’t find this that scary. What’s scary about a bunch shattered glass? Also, they seem to answer the question of whether she will get out of the car by showing you a bunch of scenes of her on the road later, so it takes too much of the suspense away. What’s this movie even about? I don’t think I care enough to see it.