Trailer Talk - The Hangover Part II (2011)

Jess: I laughed hard at this trailer which is concerning to me. Usually when a trailer is really funny you’re getting the only funny parts of the movie. Hope that it’s more than a same-shit-different-city premise, but keeping my expectations low. That always makes movies better anyway.

JR: Seems like a bad idea. Will probably make billions.

Ramsey: Same jokes different day, but the jokes still work. Or at least I hope so… This dynamic trio…um, lone wolfpack has left a void in comedies since the movie. I am hoping they deliver again. I plan on watching this the same way as I did the last. Sitting at the Starlight Drive In with adult beverages, grilling some food, and laughing with my friends.

Megan: Oh goddddd monkeys are so disgusting. That nasty little thing is sure to cancel out the three funny jokes this movie contains (that I probably already just saw in the trailer).