Trailer Talk - Troll Hunter (June 2011)

Jess: This trailer defines “not my cup of tea” for me. It’s the Blair Witch Hunt for trolls. I didn’t see anything that would make me interested in seeing this movie.

Ramsey: If this comes to the Drive In, I am there. Reminds me of Bad Taste if Peter Jackson had a budget. Don’t expect much story, but a lot of laugh.


Trailer Talk - Terri (July 2011)

Jess: My initial reaction is that this trailer is too slow. Not sure if that says more about me or the trailer. Does look like a sweet movie though. And I do wear “work pajamas” everyday so we have that in common.

Ramsey: I am a fan of John C. Reilly when he is not playing 2nd to Will Ferrel, really enjoyed Half Nelson, and I might start pajamas to work everyday at CMF.


Trailer Talk - Another Earth (July 2011)

Jess: I think it’s a good trailer, but I do find myself wanting more scientific evidence up front… takes me back to Earth 2. I loved that show as a kid.

Ramsey: Geez, I hope there isn’t another me. But seriously, it looks like an intriguing idea for a film.